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Works in progress
Duo long sleeve kid's sweater, Spring 03 Knitty, Frosty blue Lion Brand Cotton-Ease - 60% done
V-Neck sweater, Yarn Girls (Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Pewter) - 90% done (need to rip out upper sleeve and reknit)
Spring green sweater tank (Katia Idea Jean, size 9 circular) - 80% done

Need to start
Something for my Secret Santee (due by Friday- eek!) Hat for Harry

Finished projects
Fall 2003
Green basket weave hat for me (Lion Brand Kool Wool in Grass, 3.25 sts=1", size 8 bamboo needle, cast on 64 sts)
Meghan's 12th Birthday hat(Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Rose Heather, double strand, 4 st=1", size 3 bamboo needle, cast on 70 sts)
Rachel's 12th Birthday hat (Wool-Ease Chunky in Walnut, 3 sts=1", cast on 54 sts)
Jayla's blue hat - 8 months, head=18" (pre-felted yarn, blue-white varigated, 4.5 sts=1", size 3 needle, cast on 64 sts)
Kerin's Hannukah 2003 Hhat (Manos purple varigated, 3.5 sts=1", size 8 bamboo needle, cast on 66.5 stitches)
Baby hat w/ leftover Manos, head=13" (3.5 sts=1", size 8 bamboo needle, cast on 38 sts)
Baby hat w/ leftover felted yarn (4.5 sts=1", size 3 needle, cast on 50 sts)
Josh's Third Times' a Charm Hat (Noro silk/wool, double strand I think, 2.5-3 sts=1", cast on 46 sts)
Justin's Hannukah 03 Hat (Lamb's Pride Bulky in charcoal, 3-4 sts=1", cast on 57-76 sts, I forgot)
Julie's Christmas 03 Hat using FCEK Seed Stitch Cap (Cleckheaton Gusto 10 in black, cast on 44 st)
Sophie's blue striped hat (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran, held double, 3 sts=1", cast on 56 sts, 39 rows)
Matching American Girl Doll Hat, head=13" (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran, held double, 3 sts=1", cast on 32 sts, 22 rows)
Eric's Hannukah 03 Hat (Rowan Plaid in Storm, 3 sts=1", 4 rows, size 3 bamboo needle, cast on 60 sts)
Lisa's Hannukah 03 Ski Hat (Reynolds Lopi in baby blue, 4 sts=1", cats on 80 sts)
Lisa J.'s baby hat (Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Prosperous Plum, 3.5 sts=1", size 3 needle)
4 American Girl doll scarves for 4 cousins
Spring 2003
White/baby blue/yellow/green cotton hat for Jayla
Pink/green hat for Jayla
Pink/green striped washcloth/burp cloth for Jayla
Baby blue and white Polarfleece hat for Rachel
"Skully" hat for Sandy
Hat for Lily (Plymouth Indecita Alpaca, size 8 bamboo circular needles, held double strand, cast on 60 sts)
Hat for Zach
Cel phone case
Birthday skully for Kerin
Pink merino hat for Skylar (Debbie Bliss merino dk, size 3 & 6 circular)
Hat for Tracy's baby
(lavendar merino Zara, held double strand, size 10 circular) Purple soft hat for me
(GGH Aspen 50/50 Merino Wool/Acrylic, size 11 Addi Turbo, cast on 62 sts, 2.85 sts=1")
Green and blue tweed hat for Dad (Donegal Tweed, size 11 Addi Turbo, cast on 48 sts, 2.82 sts=1")
Yellow cotton washcloth
Red puffy hat for me (Puffy merino wool, size 15 cast on wood dps, cast on 39 sts, 2 sts=1")
2 American Girl Doll scarves (Red Heart variegated)
Green merino scarf (Rowan big wool 100% merino wool, size 19 Addi Turbo circular & 19 straights)

D Knitty
Danielle's Knitting Blog
Friday, January 16, 2004  
I am taking a break from knitting clothes and other wearables to knit a camel. Actually, a toy camel. I saw this book on Amazon called Knit a Square/Make a Toy. There are patterns for a cat, penguin, monkey, rabbit, duck, polar bear, kangaroo, several dogs, snake, mermaid, and some other things. I decided to make the camel because I found a really nice tan worsted yarn at Michael's. Normally, I stay away from acrylic yarns but for a toy, I figured it was fine. I'm really impressed with this yarn- Caron Simply Soft. It really is very soft and un-acrylic-feeling. I'm not making this camel for any particular baby. Perhaps Jayla will end up with it. I know I certainly don't need any stuffed animals but I could always save it for when we have a baby. The patterns are fairly straight-forward- you literally knit a bunch of garter stitch squares and sometimes rectangles, then sew them together and stuff it. The camel pattern calls for 8 squares and a few rectangles. It's a little boring just doing garter stitch but it's quick. So far, I've done 3 1/2 squares. I saw this in an Amazon review and I have to agree. "translation" from the Australian version, some terms become unclear. The patterns refer to "8-ply" yarn, which I know is DK weight (intermediate between worsted and sport). But the needle size suggested is "5" - that can mean different things to knitters in Europe, the US, and the UK. Beginner knitters might be a bit frustrated by this. Well, I didn't know that 8-ply is DK but I figured I would be safe using worsted. Also, no gauge guide so I was pretty clueless. Fortunately, as long as you knit the squares with the same type of yarn and same needle size, the toy will be in proportion. Of course, if you use extra chunky yarn like Takhi Baby, you're going to end up with one of those ridiculous "Look what my boyfriend won for me in the Midway!"-size stuffed animals. I just hope my gauge is tight enough that the stuffing doesn't pop out. I'm using a size 6 Addi Turbo needle which seems to be fine but perhaps next time I'll use smaller needles, like I do when I make hats. I could also try stockinette and other stitch patterns, just to mix it up a bit. All in all, I think this is a great project book for the beginner or young knitter.
1/16/2004 10:04:00 PM

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